Imbolc and the Sacred Feminine

January 26, 2020


There, fair maiden, the snowflakes suit you, just as the flowers do. And I see the way you have wrestled in the cemetery with the old bones of winters cold death. 


It is that careful skate, winding through ancient woods, which has you gliding into some luminescent fate. Do you see the way your destiny is inscribed on birch bark? 


You have arrived, precious soul, at the turning wheel. Where great fires burn, alight with bardic musings, the hearth of the Goddess.


It is time to self-dedicate once again. When you see that you are held, by a Rowan moon, and the divine light licks your forehead. Bow at your inner temple, for this is Imbolc, and your creative potential is protected and blessed by Brìghde. 


The musky cleansing has climaxed and that devouring frozen fog has lifted. Behold this vast space of serenity before you. Listen closely to hear the rustling of life far beneath your feet, to hear the teasing whispers of Spring.


This is the final purification, where putrid claims of shadow worship fall by the flames, and the burning coals are your greatest oracle. You may find yourself drinking of the golden chalice once again, eyes bright with the twinkle of curiosity and fears crumbling away like dust. 


Take your branch and carve what you must, but make haste with your broom to sweep those cramped corners where barn owls perch. Those eyes which pierce the darkness and push you through unnoticed doors. 


And when the door is left open, beloved, don’t hesitate to mourn it’s closing. Simply step through and look back only when it is the scent of fresh daisies pulling you. When you have forgiven the grieving ghosts. 


See beyond the feather at your feet, the innumerable candlelit doorways before you. Yours is the sweetness of honey which pools in the heart of buzzing bee. Yours is the courage of entering the forbidden orchard. Let that knowing guide you. Let the light of your inner flame and your most sacred innocence be held at the breast of your divine mother. 


Let her heartbeat be the rhythm of your art, your song, and your passions stoked by her grace. Stand before your cauldron sister, and breathe life into your dreams.

What better time than now? For the initiation of Imbolc is one to welcome, with fire and ice, and infinite possibility.




Imbolc is upon us as the wheel of the year spins once again, sounding the chimes of Springtime. This is Brìghde’s day, the Celtic triple Goddess of poetry, healing and smith craft. She is a fertility Goddess of fiery inspiration, representing the coming of the new season and the fading away of the darkness and cold of winter.


It is a time that expresses the movement of duality, dark to light, hate to love, night to day, winter to spring. As the masculine and feminine, the God and Goddess reside within everything, always coming together again in their eternal union as one. We remember the profound truth that we cannot have one without the other. That two opposites exist within every whole. It is the growing rays of sunshine, the first chirping of the birds, the first bud nuzzling its way out from beneath the melting snow. It is the scent of fresh rain, as the snowflakes shape shift, singing to us the song of a circle within a circle. We feel the fresh blooming of creativity alive in our spirit. The snow melts with the warm breath of Brìghde’s poetry and the serenade of her wisdom. The excitement of spring in all of its rich sweetness and fruitful abundance graces the air with rejuvenated hope of all that is already on the way. It is a time of gentle nurturing and harmonious transition. It is the time when the seeds of our desires stir from their dark slumber. The birthing of the sun child, or spiritual self, that took place at Winter Solstice begins to come into being. The young maiden is coming into her full expression.


It is the time of crossing over, the perfect balance between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. For this reason, many rituals involve the weaving of a Brìghde’s cross, often made of rushes and hung over doors as an invitation to the Goddess. It also represents a portal to walk through and be blessed by the Goddess and the sacred transition that is this time of Imbolc.


Cleansing and purification with fire are a great focus at this time, representing the increasing sunlight upon us and the burning away of the remnants of shadow that linger.




Blessed Imbolc 

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