How To: A Prosperity Ritual

May 27, 2019


Prosperity magick is often a process of discovery and deep healing, for there are many layers and recognizable symptoms as to why so many remain in a state of lack and poverty. It asks that we not only do the ritual but embody the ritual in our daily life as well. Accessing prosperity requires incredible trust, focused will and the ability to recognize opportunity as well as harness creative inspiration.


Shame (see my recent article), guilt, conditioned beliefs of unworthiness and lack of motivation are often contributing factors. Imbalanced masculine and feminine energies which keep us inactive, indecisive or blocked in accessing intuitive and creative energy.


The Witches Pyramid can be referenced here as a practice of cultivating qualities which enhance our ability to successfully practice magick: To Know (Air), To Will (Water), To Dare (Fire), To Be Silent (Earth), and To Go (Spirit). This is an excellent foundation to lay before beginning a prosperity ritual and even in conjunction with opening a magick circle.


Imagine yourself inside the center of a five-sided pyramid that begins to open from the top as a blooming flower. See yourself seated in the center of a five-pointed star surrounded by the elements and their associated qualities. Begin by meditating on the element of air and what it means to know. How do you listen to and discern your deep inner knowing which guides you? Are you educating yourself on your craft from trusted sources and gaining knowledge through study, wisdom through experience? Then move on to meditate on the element of water and what it means to will. How do you exercise your will in order to accomplish your goals and what does discipline mean to you? Do you feel a balanced flow between action and surrender? Move to the next point of the star and meditate on the element of fire and what it means to dare. Are you open to taking risks and moving with passion and courage in the face of fear? Then move to the fourth point and meditate on the element of earth and what it means to be silent. Can you put aside your ego and discern when it is important to speak your truth and when it is vital to honor necessary silence? The last point is behind you (the top) and represents spirit. What does it mean to go? Are you able to go forth into the world with a profound trust and faith that you are held by the divine, that all will unfold as it is meant to?





Thursday (Jupiter’s day)




Small wooden or cardboard box, carving tool/paint/markers, lodestone/jade/citrine/tiger’s eye (optional), 5-dollar bill (or any bill), Bay leaf, green candle, pen and paper.




There are many deities to honor in prosperity magick including the Hindu Goddess Laksmi for prosperity, Celtic Goddess Brigid for creative inspiration, Gaia for fruitful plenty, Roman Goddess Fortuna for ‘luck’ and Abundantia for abundance. Any fertility Goddesses would be appropriate to honor as well. A prayer/invocation can be spoken and/or an offering of fruit or coins can be made on your altar.

Invocations: It would be wise to include an invocation of Jupiter and Mercury in your prosperity ritual as well. Jupiter is the wealth and Mercury is the movement of it (towards you).


I invite you to try writing your own poetic invocations after reading up on your chosen Goddesses and the aforementioned planets.


You may also choose to include a tree invocation of Oak, Rowan or Ash (see Celtic Tree Invocations).


The Ritual Money Box


On a Thursday, after you have opened your sacred space and moved through the meditation on The Witches Pyramid, light your green candle and meditate on the flame as it dances.


Call upon any of your guides for support and speak any of your selected invocations and prayers, inviting in the protection and enhancing energies of the spirit world.


Allow your intentions to become clearer and clearer as you determine why it is you are calling in prosperity, how you would invest it in your personal expansion, projects and your ability to help others. Why do you feel worthy of this and how will you actively co-create it into being? How is it related to fulfilling your goals and dreams?


Take your pen and paper and write your intentions out clearly in a positive voice (I call in/I have/I open to receive).


Maintaining your intentions present within you, take your box and begin to decorate it with any images, words and symbols which represent prosperity. Inside of it you may place your chosen crystals, bay leaf and the bill of money along with any other sacred items which represent prosperity to you. When you have finished, hold the box in your left hand with the right one on top as you clearly speak the intentions you have written down and send your energy into the box. Meditate like this and when you feel complete, place the paper inside the box and place the box on your altar.


Thank the Elements and all of the Goddesses and your guides which assisted you and then blow out the candle to close the ritual.


After the Ritual


On the following Thursday you may take the bill out of your money box and spend it on something which nourishes your path to prosperity. You may choose to repeat this each Thursday or on occasion as you feel guided.


Trust in the magick and actively co-create with it. Remember the qualities of The Witches Pyramid and see how you may apply them in your daily life.


Notice your perception shift in subtle ways as your awareness of opportunity heightens, your will becomes more focused and your access to creative energy is enhanced.


Remember that although some rituals take form quickly, it may also take significant time to reveal its workings. The more you develop the qualities in The Witches Pyramid, the more successful your magick will be, and you will have a strong foundation of being in all of your ritual workings. Know that a journey to prosperity is a process for many and the more you commit to becoming a more balanced and whole being, the happier you will be, and the more access you will have to the abundance of the Universe.



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