Teachings of the Goddess Morrigan

May 13, 2019

"Morrigan ancient crone of war
I see your face, I'll cry no more
Morrigan ancient crone of war
come lift me on your wings"




If the Morrigan walks with you too sister, it is time to receive her sacred teachings. 


When the Phantom Queen rises, the unseen becomes seen and she wraps you in her shimmering black wings, as you are flecked by the memories of death which naturally claimed your innocence and began to awaken your inner warrior. She is the Morrigan, ancient crone of nighttime and war, of magick and prophecy and of the inner oracle which gifts you with flight and the ability to see. She with raven hair and vast potentialities perched on her shoulder forever more. She graces you with the ability to see between worlds, between life and death and to journey with purposeful trust in the mystery.


You will be adorned with the raven skull to shield and shelter your bright aura, sister. The long slender beak and cavernous eye sockets may appear frightening to some, but you gaze into the mirror through the filter of death and are reminded of your capacity to regenerate. You are reminded of the many skins you have shed and the pain that you’ve endured. You are reminded of the many scars and breaks which brought you to where you are, to a path of magick and to the path of the warrior goddess.


All that you become is through your own undoing.  So many times the intensity of the rage and the thirst of revenge has been enough to destroy you. The swords which were put in your back by your own sisters were enough to break your heart irreparably. And the ones put in place by your own kin. Beyond that you recall the penetrating whispers of your ancestors, burned and terrorized, and you remember that which temporarily robbed you of all hope for humanity. When you become enraged or encompassed in fear or hate, the Morrigan will break you apart until all that remains is impenetrable strength and love.


It is time to understand that forgiveness is almighty and earth moving, that forgiveness breeds true warriors. Observe the Morrigan in her vindictive acts and choose the righteous path. She moves with purpose and her teachings are hidden deep in shadowy paradox. To heal your heart, sister, see that revenge melts with compassionate sincerity. Forgiveness nourishes your soul with a fulfillment like nothing else. She will teach you to let go and still never settle for less than what you are worth. Claim your place of respect and only allow in those who are able to see you and to truly show up.


She will teach you to honor your sisters.


She will gift you with the wisdom of changing form, that evolution is inevitable and illuminating. She is the shapeshifter by the dark of night, keeper of the sacred waters, rivers and lakes. Wise in the ways of the emotional realms, she is the great channel and the rushing permeability of feeling. She gifts you with objectivity. With her you are free to roam through the wilderness, guardian of the lands and priestess of the sacred battles required to uncover peace.


For so long you have been told that changing form and reinventing yourself is wrong, that change is wrong. You have been told you must claim an identity so others are able to figure you out. There is shadow in this shape-shifting too. You have done it to follow, to fit in, to feed your ego. You have done it because you didn’t know your own boundaries. You have done it for your own confusion. Understand now that this is not a weakness, but a gift. You had to explore and experiment to learn and grow. The ability to shape-shift is accessible to all, some more easily than others, and still claimed by few. The great Morrigan will teach you to shape-shift at your own will, with purpose and with skill. She will teach you to know your boundaries and honor them. To be intuitively adaptable, to choose when is appropriate to summon your warrior and when is time to surrender to the flow of the great river.


She awakens determination and prowess, shameless sexuality, magick and the will to succeed. Observe the Morrigan in her courageous acts. Understand that by entering fear you are set free.


She will test you too, sister. She will test your strength and your ability to be your own protector. She will challenge you to choose love which is well earned, to choose your sovereignty. Fight for your rights and remember empowered choice and graceful confrontation. Remember that your voice is worthy of being heard, and that your silence holds its own chosen power.


She will show you how magick takes form when you when you claim your sovereignty. You will become a prophet of your chosen art, a channel of the divine poetic language of your soul. You will discover the joys of being brave enough to honor yourself and that this is a great victory.


Through these many rites you will receive the wisdom of the crone, the hag, and that which is reflective of your own capacity to love yourself through the changing cycles. As you become more and more willing to accept your lessons and in doing so transform, the silver kiss of the phantom crone illuminates you.


You the violet vessel of repeated initiations. You who dances naked and free and makes love and gives birth and bleeds ferociously. You who stands wrinkled and worn by the cauldron with a great peace in your still beating heart. You who carries the wisdom of the triple Goddess, the raven, the shapeshifter, the almighty Morrigan. You of heroic strength, the warrior queen welcoming in the mysteries of destruction and creation, ushering in this new earth.


If the Morrigan walks with you too sister, know that it is a considerable blessing, and assuredly a sign of your unyielding strength. 



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