April 22, 2019



This is the time when the sweetness of desire is enlivened, and aroused by the the wild light that dances in its embrace. It is the time when the Maiden of the Spring and the Wild Green Man meet in the hot, ripened fields to unite with the kiss of life in harmonious union. The Maiden Goddess has reached her fullness and the young Green Man falls in love with her and takes her hand. Life is flowering all around, the thirst of the Earth quenched by April showers, and the land alive in full expression. This is the May King and Queen coming together in sacred marriage within, the Sky and Earth, the Sun and Moon, the Magician and High Priestess, the Masculine and Feminine. We celebrate abundant fertility, sensuality, and wild creative expression.


Beltane means bright fire, born of the Celtic God 'Bel' or bright one and the Gaelic word 'teine' or fire. It is said to be the oldest known holiday and along with Samhain is one of the two great fire festivals drawn from the fire rites of Celtic traditions and the flower rights of Roman Floralia. In many traditions it is common to have a huge bonfire which is said to purify the air of evil forces and give life to our intentions. As Samhain is the time to honor death and our ancestors, Beltane is the time to honor life in all of its powers of regeneration. This is the climax of Spring, when Summer is seen sparkling on the horizon. Heat is increasing. The inner fire is sparked. All life is awake and full of vitality, fertile and free spirited. The planet is aroused in its sexuality and intimate connection.


We honor Gods and Goddess’ of fertility at this time, in keeping with the blooming nature of the planet in it’s green elegance. We celebrate the Goddess Flora, the May Queen, the Goddess of Spring and a symbol of nature and flowers in Roman mythology. We also honor the great Horned God, by the name Pan or Cernunnos, who is the divine masculine in full wild and sensual expression.


This is an opportunity for men and women to awaken the Maiden within, in all of her sensuality, softness, beauty and innocence. She is the delicate form of a flower, the graceful song of the birds and the nourishing fruit of desire. She is gentle and fierce femininity. We can also attune to the wild masculine within, with his rugged strength, protective nature and ecstatic freedom. He is the hunter, the raw ferocity of animal life, the wild side of nature. He is the royal robustness of conscious masculinity. In knowing we carry both of these energies within, we can celebrate the mystical union of the God and Goddess as an internal journey toward balance.


We also honor our innate sacred sexuality as the primal force of life that flows about and through us. This is the great creative force of all nature, allowing us to be alive. This is our sexual, life force energy and our incredible power to create. It is celebrated more than ever at Beltane, for without this divine sexual energy, there would be no life at all.


The seeds of intention we plant now will be growing at Litha or Summer Solstice and ready for harvest at Lughnasadh. This is a powerful time for creating visions for the year ahead through ritual and ceremony. We celebrate the blessings and gifts endowed to us through our personal power to create life. We create life through our projects, service, art, music, relationships, and so much more. With each moment we are creating life with our words, actions, reactions and perceptions. We create life in the way we dance through the world.


There are so many ways to celebrate Beltane. The most common tradition is that of the May Pole, whereby a pole representing the masculine phallus is erected and adorned with colorful ribbons. Everyone dances around weaving the pole with these ribbons as the womb of the feminine embracing the phallus. Often hand fasting takes place at this time as well, uniting couples in sacred matrimony.


Beltane is a celebration of life in all of its vibrancy and blessings, and the gift of our sacred sexuality which carries the power of creation. We come together in community to dance, sing, embrace, feast and delight in the excitement of endless possibility. We celebrate the sacred union of the God and Goddess ~ As within, so without. This is the journey of harmonious life.


Blessed Beltane!


*BELTANE Event Announcement!*



 Happening May 3rd in Toronto! Click the link below to learn more.





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