Reclamation of the Enchanted Wild Self

March 1, 2019



We choose to reclaim the enchanted wild of our inner landscapes.  


We choose to protect the sacred waters which run through our warm blood.


We choose to guard the fires of our heart’s tender flame.  


You will never take the earth from under our feet, the wind from our hair and the blanket of breath where spirit and sky meet. You will never take our solar and lunar sovereignty, our right to grace streams with wet kisses of saliva and naked synchronicity. Your fear is our will to be, our right to be free and speaks through the scarred armor of the elder voices in the trees. Breathe in deeply what binds us all and dare to speak oppression with the same breath, until death be the fall. We are forever reborn, undying and immortal souls. 


We hear her speak by the cold infancy of unfiltered raindrops spilling like stars from the sky. We hear her in the  nurturing truth that soothes the perceived inadequacies haunting the inner skies of the mind.  


The eyes in the bark are windows to the soul of the other world and they tell the stories of our grandmothers. You will not burn this vision to the ground to fuel the illness of inequality and mass-produced, grease smeared servitude. This land is our body. This body our home, our castle, our royal rain forest.  


We choose to roam the wild savanna of the darkest reaches of the shadow lands. 


We choose to bathe in rays of untamed sunlight and burn away the layers of doubt and shame.  


We choose to stand proud by the drooling waterfalls and lick our lips at the delicious rawness that is simply beyond your reach. 


You will never take the limitless love that pools in teal temperance, in blue lagoons, in the seat of the mind’s eye, in the wisdom of the ethereal womb. The liquid love that makes the land engorged by a fierce thirst.  

You will not enter the sacred caves without being devoured by the cannibalistic tendencies of life itself. The snake eating its own tail. What goes around comes around.  


Your magick is strong but ours is much stronger. Born of the heart, it pulses with a power that can pierce like a trinity of swords through the veil of your decided purpose. You cannot take what is by nature liberated. You may not claim what is inherently feral, lush and untouched.  


We are the enchanted forest warriors, the temple priests and priestesses, the ladies and the lords. We are the hearts where earth and sky meet, where god and goddess make love, and where divine creation is born. You will never take what is innately ours.  


This is the sovereign reclamation of the enchanted and wild self. 








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