Blessed Solstice, I love Yule

December 24, 2018


I venture into the darkness with you, sweet one, and gather the boughs of holly to make an arch to pass through. To the crimson mist on the other side of a ritual rebirthing.


I taste the scent of cinnamon sacraments made by the Yule tree, where the five-pointed star radiates the elemental glow of unity and shakes my sturdy bones into a rapture so cruel. The memory of lost recitations, when your words made burning vows at the fire’s excitation.


To step further then into the darkness where the blood of the ancients and the logs long burnt stew. I remove one by one, the two swords which pierce your heart, a barrier to the sun and an unlikely union to part.


Yours is the song of silver snakes and golden bells, the chime of fragrant cedars and the maniacal laughter of holy fidelity.


Grace me with your sentiments, sweet starlit Armageddon. As the divine child beckons and the last dark days reach their end. I invite death to caress me with his invasive glare, to tempt me with her effigy and seduce me with her eulogy.


The dare to speak into the blinding light of the Cold Moon, to declare and bear witness to my own decided undoing. Each long stride leads me further across the threshold, from darkness to light, I gaze into the crystalline Mystery untold.


The orb of oscillating potentialities, may the instant of a vision override a determined destiny? May the empire of enigmatic imagination question the validity of the fated manifestation? The fortune told said I’d grow old some day.


In the meantime, I’ll kiss the leaves that now decay, as I make love to the cycles which undulate as night and day, which obscure and enamor in any and all ways. I see you more clearly in the darkness, sweet one, the way your sun immaculately arouses into existence. The way your lips change at the wake in pursed penance. The way they swell and curve when I offer you a dance.


It is tight and tedious to crawl through unknown and erratic terrain, but I swear by the dragon’s lair, each demon shall be slain. Each stolen land reclaimed. Each lucid longing and desired dream named.


Invoke now with me, sweet one, the genius of the most divine romance, the liquid love of moon and sun. A Solstice remembrance for all of those who made love and danced beneath the mistletoe with frozen toes and sacred chants, naked and so warmed by the inspired fire trance.


I love you past and future, and especially I love you now. I love Yule, now.


Blessed Solstice and sweet savory Yule dear beloveds, may you taste the most delicious bliss with your sacred family, friends and covens <3

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