Reflections on "The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman" by Danielle Dulsky

December 18, 2018


If you are ready sister, then listen to the call. This is not an easy path to tread, but you will be so very pleased when you do. This path is not for the faint of heart but for warrior’s and talking mirrors, where dragons breathe fierce and skeletons dance mockingly, black void eyes that pierce. This path is for those who have lived the darkness, who enter it willingly, know silence and dare, who fear not the nameless beings of a nightmares laughing glare. Fear not the cobwebbed ruins of broken stares, the potions of ancient grimoires and the power residing there. This is a path of reclamation to birth anew sacred rage and global devastation. This is the path of the Alchemist, the sovereign Witch, and love born of creative absolution, where the Priestess sees through to dogmatic dissolution. The sheep within the sheep are asleep along side the masked cattle. This is not a path for followers but a great vow to the Mystery, to assume rank and align for sacred battle. To be married to the infinite cycles of destiny, this is a path for hearts so broken they grow wings, and dance naked as if limbless. To enter the Occult is to break free the shackles of history, the unwritten channel of the haunting and to question the true significance of blasphemy, to question everything and surely have faith in the trees and the birds that sing. Do not tread here if calm is all you seek and if a masked cloud is the landscape of your coffin’s sheets. Tread lightly still on the glistening bed of newborn ferns reaching light bathed in darkness from birth, reaching the dark bathed in light deep in the Earth. This path is not for the faint of heart, to stampede the paradigms in sacred rebellion. It’s a collective life death rebirth dance to welcome long repressed rants and the echo of Goddess chants. Its one of ferocious feline anarchy, a sensual spit fire of exquisite telepathy. This is the union of all where we meet at the great channel, to honor in reverence the holiest temple, to leave sacraments at the shrine of the Mystic Star. It is the meeting of the Elements, the immersion of all we thought we were, all we aim to be, all that we are. Be ready sister, for this path is not for the faint of heart. ~Love Sequoia


WILD WOMEN! I’ve finally found a bible that resonates with my heart and soul. A heathen bible for the wild and untamed women, the naked and free, the dirty and dark angel warriors who shine fucking brilliant light, the misfits and outcasts, the raw, real and revolutionary Priestesses of this New Earth. This is The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman.


“As a Priestess, you must reclaim the flames. You must reclaim your right to hope and your right to act, knowing that Witches exist on the fringes of what is acceptable, knowing that the Magick keepers have a responsibility to support their core values in their Craft. We are boundary pushers, both in our own lives and the world at large, and we understand the power we wield as change makers and mystics.” (p.117. The Holy Wild)


I had goosebumps throughout most of this read, shivers through my body and rapturous ecstasy in my heart. Danielle Dulsky speaks in pure poetry, which has always been the easiest for me to understand, but this… this is not just any poetry, it is invocation. It is a declaration, a commitment, a ravenous rebellion of the most deliciously wicked kind and arduous activism to change the world.


Never have I felt words speak so true to my own journey of understanding spirituality, the darkness and light, the dance in rich orgasms and shadowy blood loss. I felt validated in my pain and celebrated in my infinite well of wisdom, my inner High Priestess. The Holy Wild is an activation. It’s a revolution. It’s complete acceptance of our most primal, base and enlightened states as women. What I love most about it is that it encourages the reader to create their own expression of spirituality and truly make a stand through an act of sacred rebellion. This means prioritizing listening to our inner guidance and trusting what feels good in our heart and soul. Rather then simply listening to what we are told and following a system that is already in place, most of which are dominantly patriarchal in nature and led by males, we are urged to reclaim the Divine Feminine by creating a new path. We are encouraged to celebrate nature and authenticity, the inevitable cycles of growth and change that we move through on a universal, global and individual scale.


“To be heathen is to predate the spiritual systems that have bound us. To my mind, our modern religions have too often, though certainly not always, been a largely male led dimension of systemized spirituality that is easily spoon-fed to the masses when seasoned with a good deal of fear. […] Ultimately, it is not religion itself but the connection between male dominated religions and fear that has done the most damage to the wild feminine heart.” (p. 257. The Holy Wild)


Dulsky leads us through an in-depth journey through Divine Feminine wisdom of the Goddess by exploring the archetypes of the Elements and the triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother and Crone. Rituals, spells, and awareness practices are woven together in an enchanting tapestry of knowledge which in reading feel as such, entirely empowering. The book is an exploration of the five following archetypes: The Priestess of the Wild Earth, The Maiden of the Unbridled Sensual, The Prophetess of the Wildfire, The Witch of Sacred Love and The Holy Seeker. Each one corresponds to an associated Element and its given verses, rituals and Magick. Given that every single thing we do and are is in some way connected to the Elements, I'd say its pretty powerful work to dive so deeply into activating the spiritual significance, power, and qualities of each one within ourselves. 


“Come to the water with me, Wild One! Bear witness to my Baptism by Nectar, and I promise you will never be the same! I’ve filled a bejeweled pitcher with the lush and tender guts of one thousand honeysuckle flowers, and I’ve left behind the names I was given and that dreams that died in the cocoon long before they were born. I am initiating myself in the name of erotic righteousness. I am spitting on those who think me vulgar and shameful, and I am pouring slow running, thick syrup on those thirsty, cobwebbed places that have gone unlicked far too long.” (p. 73. The Holy Wild)


She encourages us to go forth and summon our sisterhood, to share in these practices and allow each other to feel entirely supported, safe and strong in doing so. By reclaiming our sovereign spiritual selves, our connection to the Earth and her cycles and wisdom, our bodies, our rage, our pain, our pleasure, our poetry and especially our Magick, we are reclaiming the Divine Feminine and therefore bringing our beloved planet back into balance.


I highly recommend taking a walk down the heathen path sister and stepping into The Holy Wild. Order yours here!


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