A Dance Around the Wheel of the Year

September 24, 2018



The young Maiden Goddess was radiant, whispering love poetry to the trees and dancing in her long white, lace dress through the field of wild daisies. Since Imbolc had come and gone, she’d been seducing the days with lush innocence waiting until she would finally share in union with her beloved, as was her destiny. She would gather fresh fruits and fill her large woven basket, smiling and singing as the sun was beaming down to kiss her soft rose-colored cheeks. She was exquisite in her youth, in all of her wild freedom. Her skin was silken and her body lean, alive with energy and blooming like the flowers. The mystery brought excitement with each new dawn and she soon saw that the Spring Equinox had come, which meant the union was drawing nearer. She felt eager and ready, fertile and free, adventurous and untamed. Hers was the laughter of a sweet girl, ripe in her sensuality and balanced in her heart. With it the Equinox brought transition and the days would be brighter now. She lay nude in the grass, surrendering to the presence that held her eager to indulge in the divine embrace of her wild God counterpart.


One day, which happened to be significantly hotter than the previous ones, Beltane had arrived. The young Goddess couldn’t contain her excitement until she saw him standing before her, long brown hair untamed with bits of leaves and grass strewn about it, dirt of the woods held to his skin by a layer of sweat. He was magnificent in his youth, the Green God, and she was delighted to be his May Queen. She stared into his bright beautiful eyes and saw herself reflected back. It was as if looking in a mirror, and love swelled in her heart as they embraced, a fiery passion, pure in its wild innocence, alive in both. It seemed as though they had arrived home in perfect union, and their sacred dance of love brought about an alluring lick of ecstasy around the bright light that contained them. So, it was, they created life then.


The young Maiden Goddess became pregnant soon after, with her beloved Green God strong at her side, gentle and balanced in his own sense of self. She felt he would make a wonderful father and saw the power in his sensitivity and the wisdom of the warrior alive in his soul. Her body began to change, and her skin started to glow more than ever before. She appeared almost luminescent, especially when her beloved would lean in to kiss her. Her belly grew to be big and round like the Earth and her eyes were bright with trust. She wore a long red dress that caressed the ground when she walked. She spent her days weaving and birthing ideas into form, a direct channel of divine creativity. She was to give birth at the Summer Solstice. After all she had been through by then with her beloved God, all of the growth and challenges and the deep understandings through experience, she too felt she was ready to be a great mother. Her body had changed externally but also internally, and she was feeling inspired by every breath, empowered by the pain that helped her grow through this labor of love. There was an incredible devotion moving warmly through her blood.


Summer Solstice came and went and so continued on the cycles of the great Wheel of the Year. The Mother Goddess felt so fulfilled with her beloved partner and their divine child. She felt more alive and abundant than ever before, overcome by a sense of unconditional love for that which she had created and humbled by all of the lessons that had come along the way. Her God counterpart was, like her, matured and knowledgeable. Though now in his father aspect, he came to understand that he must sacrifice himself so that all of life could continue to be sustained through the dark months that were looming. It was time to surrender to destiny and the divine movement of the great wheel of the year. He knew what he had to do, for the greater good of life itself. At Lammas, he would offer himself back to the Earth as nourishment for all others.


The Mother Goddess was devastated by this. She couldn’t bear the loss of her dear beloved, and she ran deep into the wheat fields to take refuge in nature’s honest aura of protection. She would weep and weep, now whispering prayers to the trees and singing quietly through her tears, that her beloved would return to her once again. By the time Autumn Equinox came around, the Mother Goddess had moved into deep mourning of her beloved consort. She began to transform, her skin worn and wrinkled by the passing of time and the stress of it all. Her fingernails began to crack and her hair, which was now long past her hips, became gray. She walked with a staff now, much slower than before, and dressed in a purple velvet cloak to keep her fragile body warm through cold darkness of the coming months. Through this profound heartbreak and pain, through slowing down and immersing herself in the shadow, she began to unlock the profound wisdom of her Crone Self. At Samhain, she knew her beloved had now become the wild protector of the woods and all of natural life, he had become the Horned God. For this, she was grateful and humbled. She reflected back on their first union and how her love for him had only deepened. Now he was gone. Her tears had fallen into her sacred cauldron and all of her challenges and lessons alchemized into the incredible understanding that is the promise of life through death. As the Crone she became the wise one, keeper of the mysteries of magick and rebirth. It was now time for her to be entirely of service and share her wisdom with others. She knew that from this place of true wisdom she would again carry the seed of life and light in her womb, and become pregnant with the Sun God who was to be born at Yule. She too would be reborn by the magick of her cauldron and the grace of the Goddess with her many faces.


With peace in her heart, the Crone Goddess knew that as the snow fell and the days grew darker and colder, that no matter what happened, the great wheel of the year would keep on turning. 



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