The Summoning of the Witches

August 17, 2018



This is the Summoning of the Witches. We are in the midst of a great awakening, an uprising of the divine feminine whereby she unabashedly reclaims her endowed right to reign wickedly wild, sovereign and strong alongside her beloved divine masculine! We are in the throws of thunderous rapture and ecstatic bliss at the reclamation of our perfect freedom that is to be authentic, empowered and equal in uniqueness. The Witches and Wizards are returning fearlessly to the public eye for there is no need to hide anymore. There is a need to be seen, heard, felt and fully expressed. The Healers, Tantriks, Magicians, Yogis, Artists, Priests and Priestesses, Medicine Women and Men and all who move through this world to be of benefit with the sacred gifts bestowed on us by the divine creator.
We honor our ancestors and those who have suffered to serve. We embrace the wisdom that has been for too long repressed by the distortions of the patriarchy and wounds of the collective. We reclaim the term Witch, given long ago to those who were working with the supernatural powers seemingly innate, though often repressed or blocked, to each and every one of us. Namely this term was applied to women, given that they were the focus of the oppression, and thus having magickal powers were a threat to the dogmatic systems in place. There is a deeply disturbing history of the persecution and execution of millions of innocent women (and some men) accused of practicing ‘evil’ witchcraft. The term was given a bad reputation and the Goddess was slandered, abused and ultimately repressed almost entirely from the collective mainstream– until now.

This term is a compliment, signifying great knowing, wisdom, personal power and sovereignty – one who is of service to the expansion of the planetary consciousness, equality, personal empowerment and unconditional love and never afraid to confront the sludge lands of the shadow realm. For in truth we are simply owning and empowering the natural gifts bestowed upon us as divine human beings, awakening to the vision which allows us to see beyond this world. We are attuning to the sensations which allow us to feel what cant be seen in the physical world. We are healing with energy, love, faith and trust in what we know to be truth to our inner guidance, our higher self.

Spirituality is not something to be given away externally, driven by fear and shamed or dis empowered by, but a source of courageous strength and empowerment from within and all around us, to live life to its fullest, beyond the conditions we are told and above the negativity that claims so many perspectives. It is a gift of authentic connection with the divine, a reflection of the beautiful union of the divine pair of masculine and feminine moving in perfect harmony within each and every one of us.

A Witch is one who welcomes the wisdom of the herbs and plant Queendoms. She vibrates with the colors of candles and dances to the rhythms of the seasons, the cycles of the moon, planets and stars. A Witch is one who acknowledges the divine masculine and feminine that exist as our creator God and Goddess as well as this mystical polarity fluctuating within all life including ourselves. She fearlessly moves between worlds with a deep knowing that we are all intrinsically connected, that life exists beyond death, that the angels and spirit guides offer messages and symbols to us. She acknowledges her divinity as a soul rooted in a body, encompassing all of the elements, and simultaneously co creating with them. She knows her work is to be of service with her magick, to summon the energies of the elements to assist her, protect her and bind her within the luminescence of Spirit. A Witch knows that God/dess is not something external to our essence but an expansive, pleasurable, peaceful, serene, sultry, ecstatic, pure light of divine union radiating from her heart. She is a poet, artist, musician, sound magician. She celebrates her sacred sexuality as an organic expression of her most honest and primal nature, a source of incredible power to create life, to create her visions into reality. She empowers her sisters and brothers! She does not fear their strength for she is fully confident in her own unique mission, that the world needs all of us standing in our power and contributing. She seeks out esoteric knowledge through study, takes risks, and practices discernment with what she shares with others. Her intuition is her guidance system. Her will is her driving force to create. She carries the weight of her ancestors as a source of great empowerment and courage, a passion that moves her to spread her fierce fiery wings and leap forward on the winds of time invoking change! A Witch is a warrior, a monk, a mystic. She is all of the archetypes wrapped into one because she does not limit herself! She chooses to embody her authentic truth through the ebbs and flows of life, awakened by experience. She worships nature and indulges in the raw fruits gifted through the sacred co creation with all life. A Witch knows that any harm she causes will absolutely return threefold and therefore to her best ability, she dances in her divine work with an overflowing chalice of profound love. She sees shadow as a source of incredible transformation, her cauldron as the womb of the Goddess, a place for her to give life to her magick.

A Witch respects the great laws of the Universe, bows to the divine pair and cackles at life's blessed lessons along the Fool's Journey, knowing that in one way or another we are all travelling down the same road.


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