The Fool

April 18, 2018


The Fool is the archetype of divine innocence, existing within the all-encompassing void and traveling the endless journey that is life. It is ruled by Uranus and the element Air, always open to wherever the wind will blow.


It is card 0 in Tarot, the starting point and truly the dawn of creation. The Fool is also represented by the Hebrew letter Aleph, meaning truth, which is seemingly a great paradox. The Fool often has a negative connotation when not fully understood in its truest essence. We find the divinity of God/dess and the entirety of existence within the Fool archetype. It represents eternal, limitless love, trust, and receptivity. It represents God/dess at the dawn of creation, before entering into the material realms and embodied entirely in limitless energy. This is the free-spirited energy of infinite possibility and total faith that all is unfolding as it is meant to.


The Fool walks the path along the tree of life from Kether (Spirit) to Chokhmah (Wisdom), and learns to cultivate a greater depth of wisdom while moving through different stages of experience to reach wholeness. As any explorer on a spiritual journey, the Fool remains wildly daring to face any challenges and suffer the possible consequences of untamed willfulness. The energy warns against lack of self-awareness, boundaries, misunderstanding, being led astray and unnecessary self-sacrifice. It warns against naivete and madness, the inability to be humble and to acknowledge one’s own errors. The Fool teaches us humility and the fine balance within trust and intelligent action. The Fool’s journey is heroic because s/he is open to taking risks in life and not allowing fear to be an obstacle in moving forward. Even if the risk itself is an act of stagnancy, the Fool teaches the lesson of the cause and effect of action/inaction.


The energy of the inner child exists within this archetype, as the divine innocence of a child learning to walk and stumbling along the path to self-discovery. It teaches us to have fun, how to find the purest joy in simplicity and how to be open and playful. There is a humorous aura to the great journey of life, and the Fool is the smile and the laughter that exist behind the silly mistakes that we make which seemingly cause pain. There is great wisdom within this archetype in full expression. Through it we learn about how to embody presence in chaos, throughout the ebbs and flows, as well as seeing the positive within the perceived negative. We learn how to not care about what other people think of us and how to simply move on!


There are themes of commitment as well, and no matter what happens in life, the Fool continues moving forward to the next stage of the journey. S/he is committed, persevering and adaptable, always encouraging us to speak our truth without fear. The Fool is bold, adventurous and daring, challenging authority and breaking rules when necessary!


The Fool is often representative of a new beginning or an end to something in our lives. This energy is there to assist with transition and transformation. Literally ‘the wild card’, it can bring the message of spontaneity, to have trust in the universe, that anything can happen and that there exists a door to infinite possibility.


How can we embody the Fool in our own lives?


We can celebrate change. We can celebrate new beginnings. We can celebrate letting go and when it is simply time to move on. We can remember that we are divinely innocent in our essence and expressions of God/dess in physical form. We can learn from perceived poor judgement, accept the lesson and continue our journey! On to the next adventure!


Taking risks, speaking our truth, being open to new possibilities, fearless exploration, travel, adventure and practicing spiritual innocence are all ways to awaken this archetype within. We can practice having fun and playing more in all that we do. We can be curious.


We can practice being open minded without sacrificing ourselves. This can be in our encounters with others and different experiences in life. To be humble yet confident.


Learning to have complete trust in life and allowing it to be okay when we make mistakes, that they are bound to happen, is the deeper wisdom of the Fool. When we dance through life without fear, we move closer and closer to God/dess, ultimately discovering the holy grail of wholeness within ourselves.

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