Maiden, Mother & Crone

March 8, 2018


Blessed international women’s day to all of the beautiful, inspiring manifest Goddesses that grace our beloved Mother Earth! In honor of this day, I want to acknowledge the three sisters that make up the triple Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone. These forms are present within each woman throughout the span of our human lives. They are initiations, each carrying unique qualities to be celebrated with the expansion of our Goddess self! What an incredible time to be alive with this uprising of the divine feminine. I am so grateful for all of the Maidens, Mothers and Crones in my life! I love you all.


The Maiden


The Maiden is the Goddess in her youth – soft, sultry and boisterous. Playful and energetic. She is innocence and naivete. She is the waxing moon. She is adventurous, wild, free, eyes wide with the glimmering horizon of possibility that is laid out before her. She is blood-red, awakening to the cycles of the Earth, her ebbs and flows, the ups and downs and the climactic rage as it alchemizes into fierce love. The maiden is graceful, angelic, limbs naked and glistening as she dances through a sunlit field, open and receptive to the wonderment displayed on each blossoming flower. She is broken over and over, ever inspired by the lessons she is gifted by the challenges that come with youth. She cries tears that rain like diamonds upon the budding terrain, making space for the arrival of the kiss of the Great Mystery. She laughs at fear, thrusting herself into darkness and light simultaneously. Her radiance is a joyful breeze that wraps itself around the trees in liberated purity. The Maiden is so very sensual, enraptured by the velvety ferns and the sweet nectar of the divine masculine. Her body out strewn along the stretch of a moonlit ocean, as the water curves to fit the valleys that make up her fertile lands. She is bold and adventurous, writing the song of the warrior as she chants lyrical to the moon through its phases. She is the lover. She loves and breaks hearts and has her heart broken and grows and grows and grows. She stands in awe of romance as it enlivens her Spirit and drives her to plant her hands deep into the Earth and claw the dirt with ferocious excitement. She makes love to herself and celebrates the orgasmic opportunity that alive in each breath and each dawn of a new day.


The Mother


The Mother is the Goddess as she grounds into her aspect of nurturing. She is curvaceous and full as the moon. She carries the wisdom of the Maiden, now having bloomed into knowing what it means to give and care for life. Her womb is expansive and strong, carrying the divine child in its warm embrace. She is focused and determined. She is clear and confident. She incredibly strong and stable. The Mother gives birth to creations that change the world. In the form of another being, a work of art, a great service - her power to create is limitless. She is the full moon as it moves the tides at will. She is the spider as it weaves webs of magickal bounty, intricate patterns and surreal symmetry, she carries her children through the raging storms of the elements. Her hands carry a power to mold great sculptures, to move energy and heal, to hold an infant close to her heart, to caress love with care, honor and respect. She is chaos in perfect balance. She is discipline and grounding. Her roots maneuver deep down through the mystical landscapes, circling and spiraling around any rocks that may stand in the way of her and her beloved family. She is the perfect counterpart, dependent on no one, but a bubbling hot spring of deep devotional love that echoes through eternity. She is full-bodied femininity, painted red with blood, wild hair and piercing eyes. She is the bringer of life, the sanctity of commitment and devotion, enlivened by a pain so surreal it instantly transforms into love. She is the Earth and all of creation. She is the great Mother.


The Crone


The Crone is Goddess of all knowing wisdom, blessed by the years of experience and many ecstatic dances around the wheel of the year. She is the waning moon. She carries with her the wisdom of the Maiden and the Mother, and though her body becomes more fragile, her soul has reached incredible maturity. She is the keeper of darkness and light in their consummation, where they meet in the center of understanding. The Crone is the only aspect who carries the power of completion, whereby the following initiation meets death in its totality. The indigo eye can see that this is not the end, and she ushers in eternity. Her limbs weakened by the movement of time, exhausted by the trials of meeting challenge after challenge, of gifting so much of her energy to others, of walking down so many untraveled roads. Her gift of bleeding with the moon is now taken to be gifted to another Maiden. In return, she is blessed with the all-seeing eye of truth. She is presented with the wisdom of worlds. She is now a teacher, a guide, a mentor, enriching the lives of others by simply being. Other beings gather around her to hear her stories of great adventure, love, pain, suffering, hope, faith. Her voice is powerful. When she speaks, others listen. Her vision is clear. Her soul is more alive than ever before. The Crone is the bringer of death. She is courageous, fearless, undying in her most authentic essence. She is tired, fulfilled by simplicity. She sits in the garden and relishes in the gentle sounds of birds chirping, the scent of fresh daisies, the caress of a sun beam. She is relaxed and peaceful. It is her time to enjoy the calm and watch the fruits of her great work take on a life of their own. She is free. She is infinite beauty and wisdom, death and rebirth, immortality of spirit. She contains all.

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