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January 31, 2018




My studies of tantra and magick over the past couple of years have naturally led me to the mystical overlap that is sex magick. The reputation that is carried by this term in many ways does not do justice to the profundity of its true nature. The fusion of these innately powerful forces, sexuality and magick, do undoubtedly offer an abundance of opportunity to each and every one of us. Some say it is the most powerful kind of magick of all. However, my belief is that if not moved with responsibly, it can also yield a great depth of danger to the practitioner. The darker stories that echo from the past around this subject are really born of an unquenchable thirst for lust and power. This is why I believe that if these practices are explored in conjunction, the intention must always remain from a heart-centered space, so that we are not serving the ego, but the light that exists in all. The focus in its highest state would be born of love and empowerment, not lust and power.


Now to touch on some of the beautiful elements of sex magick. Each of these two elements carry a world of wisdom within them. They are vital forces of the universe that move through all of us all the time. Through practice we can learn to harness them and create new realities for ourselves by the strength of manifestation.


Techniques such as visualization and intention while having sex and specifically during orgasm can empower a vision into reality. We can create a sigil or draw a picture including symbols of this vision and then focus on it while making love as well. For those who practice retaining the orgasm, this is still an effective practice in directing the sexual energy throughout the entirety of the experience.


Another very powerful practice is the making of the divine elixir. This is the blending of semen and menstrual blood to create a powerful potion of manifestation. In this practice it helps to hold the intention through the release of the orgasm as well as afterwards if you choose to continue the process of drinking the elixir. Alternatively, one could offer it to the Earth, keep it for some time on the altar, or rub it on a part of the body to be absorbed. Added elements to enhance this would be to have a prepared invocation to declare during the climactic portion.


It is important to note that these are very powerful practices that are meant to be prepared for to ensure a harmonious outcome in alignment with the highest good. I am sharing to give an idea of some techniques that exist and may be explored further by the curious seeker! There are many books available on the subject which include recommended breathwork, energy and awareness practices to prepare one to endeavor along these journeys. Some excellent books to reference are Margot Anand’s “The Art of Sexual Magic”, Christopher Hyatt and Lon Milo DuQuette's “Sex Magic, Tantra and Tarot” and Jason Miller's “Sex, Sorcery and Spirit”.


"Thinking always of the Goddess, one is transformed into an image of the Goddess." ~ Hindu Tantra


As mentioned, creating an invocation to say during sex is a potent practice in its own right as well. This could be interwoven throughout a spell that you are doing or simply a loving intention that you’ve written into an invocation. Alternatively, you may feel a practice invoking the energy of certain deities may be something that enhances your practice of sex magick. For example, selecting a divine God and Goddess pair whose qualities you may want to develop in yourself is a lovely way to grow into a more divine expression of yourself. Calling in a divine pair such as Isis and Osiris with invocation and maybe even dressing up as them before engaging in the act, can be a very powerful ritual in and of itself. I would recommend giving an offering of some kind as well, such as food on your altar, as an exchange to these deities for assisting you in your personal growth and expansion.


My experience thus far with sex magick has been very special to me as it unites together two beautiful paths that are very close to my heart – tantra and magick. I encourage those of you feeling called toward this art to proceed from a space of genuine heart-centered awareness, and knowledge through personal study.


These are forces that can benefit our lives and enhance them with love and beauty, aiding to manifest our dreams into reality. Let us be responsible and respectful with these energies as they are divine gifts of the God and Goddess and represent our unlimited potential as the human expression of the love of the light.

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