The Courier ~ A poem

January 7, 2018


Listen along my loves! <3 ^^^


The courier dropped off a package

That said 'You've bought your freedom'

A statement so bold that the wrapping burst open

He smiled at the teeth marks 

On the cardboard trim 

The ghost of a cackle sounded

Rippling below pale skin

This tight rope you have stepped upon

A journey to balance within

This path seldom tredded upon 

You've thrown yourself right in

The succulent saint brought to sin

And back again

The stamp has read

Your prayer costs only a thousand

But it costs nonetheless

Unless you settle for simplicity

And kneel by the side of your bed

This fork in the road, the serpents tongue

This labyrinth guarded by a few chosen ones

Make way child

Through the maze in your hand

The lines on your palm 

Intersect at forever land

Creased hieroglyphics

Translated by a blind man

And watch your step along the way

For the hypnotic hijack 

Of the quick moving sand

Taste the purple berry

That grows on the tree

The first one that you see 

Or don't, for that violet flame

Dissolves the disjointed and juiced mystery

You see, you see

When your eyes merge from three

And you'll taste erotically

Eating or mistreating

Where lies in slumber 

The purple berry

And why had he gnawed at the paper so much?

With a map so serenely outlain

For the messenger is never shot

When the fruits of his message sidestep pain

He smiles sweetly, awaiting an embrace

From the crooked reflection

Not so innocent face

And yet without warning 

Receiving held with grace

For the wicked love of freedom

Is a gift that must be faced

In solitary steps unknown 

This unending road is traced

In turbulent trials and truths

Trickling at their pace

The dragonflys mating, where whole unfolds to one

Lifelines intermingling

In the house of the moon and sun

A path unending, yes, the journey has begun

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