Meditative Erotica

November 14, 2017




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I pressed the phallic shaped crystal against my third eye and as it pulsed, a translucent unicorn horn began to grow. It was spiralling outward to the center of the Universe, to God(dess).


I drew the crystal, pink speckled with rose petals, down further to my mouth. I grazed it’s point along each lip, visualizing the tip of your lingam, dripping divine nectar and painting my lips with magic.


I drew the crystal further down to the stream of soft, green light emanating from my heart center and let it bathe in clear, crystalline, unconditional love.


Draped in the robes of a Priestess, I sat in lotus with the crystal grid radiating in front of me, all the while dances of pagan poetry trickled along my neck through each ear and down to the coiled serpent nestled at the base of my spine.


I took the crystal in my right hand, unleashed the yoni egg to take it in my left hand, and watched ecstatically as God and Goddess began to move, two serpents intertwined, unlocking strands of dormant DNA.


I pulled in light through my third eye, down my chest, through my heart and into the Yoniverse. Delicately swollen, locked and fueled, I exhaled the unbelievably powerful explosion of energy up my spine, piercing and stimulating the sacred serpent into a stirred slumber and gentle awakening. I sat in the cosmic orbit, showered by diamond rain, where all remnants of fear washed away.


I felt the crystals on fire in my hands and an immense clarity of trust poured out of my soul like lava through my entire being. My yoni was warmed by the union of God and Goddess and the sweet taste of the lepidolite lingam on my lips. This is the perfect union. This is unconditional love. Perfect bliss. Crimson waves of sacred passion rippled across my skin, the ghost of your breath soft on my neck.


Wearing the flower of life like armour, I raised my arms to the sky with crystals in hand, uniting them in Sahasrara chakra, resting in a pool of violet light. I pulled them back to Ajna as the lotus was encircling an orb of indigo.


Again, they united and with my hands in prayer, opening over my heart the base of my palms, I watched tiny pentagrams of light pour downward directly into the heart center. Instantly it filled my entire body and I began to tremble, as I was saturated with divine, healing love.


A stream of lightning electrified my body.


Then there was only peace.








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