We are the Women of the New Earth

September 16, 2017




We are Women of the New Earth.


We listen with incredible knowing to the whisper of the Great Mother as she presses our head into her bosom and says, “You are loved”.


We feel the ground shaking beneath our feet and we stomp harder.


This is the stampede of the gagged Goddesses, spitting out the cotton from our mouths, with each fierce quake of the morbid inequality that has plagued this planet.


Those who have been screaming truth for centuries stand with us now in Spirit form, gathering the remnants of cotton to weave a great blanket, to put to rest the howling hierarchy of the wounded.


We are the face of divine feminine beauty, joined in shamanic harmony as we chant the flora and fauna into thriving serenity. They flourish as we sing. They bloom as we speak.


We are so supported by Source. Any step taken to empower our essence is enhanced ten-fold by the grace of the universal essence, the collective sisterhood and the inner knowing that we deserve to be honored. Nothing less.


We are the women of the New Earth, peeling away the collective mask of ignorance, as the onion breaks open bringing tears to the eyes of onlookers. Yes, we go to the core of truth. All the while nurturing the entirety of humanity with our intrinsic loving nature.


We scream to the moon, standing tall in the fields, forests, lakes, deserts, from the top of mountains and glaciers. We have no fear of changing conditions. The elements empower us. Not letting the ghosts of a painful past and present erode us. We rise from the volcano, phoenix adorned with a rose.


We pound our drums at the rising of the sun. Awoken by the thunder of an inner storm, lived or dreamt into being. It’s wildly ready to be unleashed. This storm is one of millions of voices raining from the sky. The stories of women warrioresses. The stories of the wounded feminine. The stories of the Goddess’ wisdom.


The flowers bloom.


This is a returning to harmony. This is the reclaiming our true essence. This is our divine right to be heard.


We feel the ground shaking beneath our feet and we stomp harder, raging heart forward, as the fire flames in our eyes.


Clouds of smoke billowing through the angelic ballads. Repressive belief is burned to ash and returned to the Earth.


Along the horizon, the fog dissipates with the Goddess breath.


Birthing a new existence.


We are love, loving, and beloved.  


We embrace our counterpart in forgiveness, in the understanding that we, united are one.


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