Tantra is Yummy!

September 3, 2017

Tantra is yummy! 


Tantra is mmmmmmmmmmmm! 


Tantra literally means the loom that combines all threads, and in practice it truly lives up to this meaning.


It is an all-encompassing, life saturating practice that infuses everything with this quality of heart-centered stimulation!

I have always felt sort of burdened by my senses, like they kept me chained to the material world and limited my ability to reach higher states of consciousness. Everywhere I looked on my spiritual journey I was only seeing affirmations that this was true. I felt I had to shut them out, to repress the impulses.


When I discovered Tantra, I discovered a way to deepen my awareness of my senses themselves. This doesn’t mean to allow them to be indulged in, in every instant that it feels good, but to empower them in a way that cultivates understanding of when those desires can be explored for a greater good. Naturally, any indulgences that aren’t of benefit begin to fall away; not because they are repressed, but because expanded levels of awareness understand what is needed. In my understanding, this will take as long as it needs to, depending on the unique path of the individual.


Through this practice of Tantra, I began to experience the essence of the divine within myself, rather than a distant entity that I couldn’t truly connect with.


It is not even about sex, but about moving from the heart and activating the intrinsic life-force energy that moves through us, connecting us to everyone and everything. Undoubtedly, a large part of it is working with this creative energy to heal sexual wounds, childhood traumas, collective shame, and the self-judgment that is a result of repressing desires and cravings.

It is a complex spiritual science that involves breath work, meditations, mantras, and yantras, yet it is also a very simple concept that can be applied in our everyday lives with practice.


Tantra is a practice that allows us to feel that yummy, delicious, fragrant, silky, sound and touch of intimacy with spirit from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed. It is mindfulness. It is the rapturous union of our individual inner divine masculine and feminine and the way we reflect that out into the world. It is the zestful aliveness of our most true and tender essence.


Tantra is looking in the mirror and seeing yourself glowing, effervescent, beautiful, and inspired to bring to life all of your greatest dreams. It is deep, meaningful relationships with yourself and others. It is harmonious family life. It is learning to see others in their true soul essence, beyond surface judgement, comparisons, and walls of fear built around the heart. It is trust.


Tantra is feeling the sensual softness of a leaf as it falls from a tree and grazes your rosy cheek, as the cool mist of the morning tickles the hairs of your arm. It is communion with nature and the divine.


Don’t get me wrong, the practice has its difficulties! In letting go of so much, we must first stare it deep in the eye, feel it in all of it’s entirety, and only then will it begin to peel away!


Somehow though, it is so spellbindingly enchanting in the way it melts away these traumas and confusion. It is fulfillment at a whole new level. Yes, it is mmmmmmm! It is so, undeniably, boundary-breaking, earth-shaking YUMMY!


This and so much more is my experience of Tantra up until now and I can only imagine it gets better and better.






Now, to share a yummy practice that I have been enjoying in my explorations!


*This is a practice that is inspired by a Tantric ritual called Nyasa, in the book “Advanced Spiritual Intimacy – The Yoga of Deep Tantric Sensuality” by Stuart Sovatsky.


Nyasa is the art of touch and awakening divinity through this act.


*Materials needed are a bowl of oil (coconut, almond, etc.) with an essential oil of choice added.


In my slightly modified version, it can be done individually with a mirror, or with a partner.


The part of the body being anointed is the third eye center. However, in my personal practice, I have enjoyed exploring this practice through the 7 main chakras.


My partner and I like to start out by sitting across from each other, while eye-gazing, and verbally declaring loving intentions for the other (individually could be done by sending loving intentions to yourself in the mirror).


The one being anointed will close their eyes (or continue eye-gazing, depending on what feels comfortable) and go into meditation. The anointer will take their peace fingers of one hand and dip them into the oil while tuning into the energy of their partner (or individually, in the mirror, tuning into their own energy and preparing to anoint his/her self).


Very slowly, the anointer gently moves his/her fingers toward the center of the forehead of their partner, sensing the subtlest energies, invigorating calm, and blissful light exuding from this space.


So slowly, gracefully, as if being carried by love itself, the hand moves closer to the partner’s third eye center, feeling the vibration of life-force energy as it hovers nearer.


Sensing the heart-beat through the third-eye center, finally coming to touch that spot, an ecstasy of presence blooms. There is a deep connection to the movement of the breath and its undulations as feelings shift. The vibratory explosion of love yields its vulnerable truth through touch... and as Stuart Sovatsky says "did you know the pineal gland can cum?"


After remaining here for as long as it feels right, the partners then switch roles.


When both have finished, or if it is a solo practice, the individual can choose to move to other chakra points on the body, adding a little more oil with each energy shift. This can be as platonic or as sensual as desired, and can definitely lead into deeply sacred sex within a romantic partnership!


This is such a beautifully intimate practice, and in my opinion, can be slightly personalized depending on the situation of the individual(s). The practice itself, in my own experience, inspires intimacy, self-love, devotion, and harmony.

It is all what you make it, really, and to me it is most definitely, YUMMY!

Experiment for yourself! Maybe you will discover that Tantra is oh so yummy too!

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