Mystic Writing

March 13, 2019

I come to you sweet White Willow, my Moon Mother, the billowing gown of the Green Goddess. I come to you with wounded knees, blood stained, cracked and caked with the dirt of old feathers and bones and a broken heart from calculated untruths. I your vulnerable witness, your struggling servant, seeking refuge in the modest shelter of your weeping boughs. I come to you with a crippling confession that aches through every pleading piece of my being, that has me nauseous with what feels like a million butterflies both terrified and orgasmic-ecstatic. I crawl to your ancient base and wrap my weary arms in a child-like embrace to tell you just how deeply sorry I feel for taking so long to really see you. I confess that for so long I h...

March 1, 2019

We choose to reclaim the enchanted wild of our inner landscapes.  

We choose to protect the sacred waters which run through our warm blood.


We choose to guard the fires of our heart’s tender flame.  

You will never take the earth from under our feet, the wind from our hair and the blanket of breath where spirit and sky meet. You will never take our solar and lunar sovereignty, our right to grace streams with wet kisses of saliva and naked synchronicity. Your fear is our will to be, our right to be free and speaks through the scarred armor of the elder voices in the trees. Breathe in deeply what binds us all and dare to speak oppression with the same breath, until death be the fall. We are forever reborn, undying an...

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