Mystic Writing

December 24, 2018

I venture into the darkness with you, sweet one, and gather the boughs of holly to make an arch to pass through. To the crimson mist on the other side of a ritual rebirthing.

I taste the scent of cinnamon sacraments made by the Yule tree, where the five-pointed star radiates the elemental glow of unity and shakes my sturdy bones into a rapture so cruel. The memory of lost recitations, when your words made burning vows at the fire’s excitation.

To step further then into the darkness where the blood of the ancients and the logs long burnt stew. I remove one by one, the two swords which pierce your heart, a barrier to the sun and an unlikely union to part.

Yours is the song of silver snakes and golden bells, the chime of fragrant c...

December 18, 2018

If you are ready sister, then listen to the call. This is not an easy path to tread, but you will be so very pleased when you do. This path is not for the faint of heart but for warrior’s and talking mirrors, where dragons breathe fierce and skeletons dance mockingly, black void eyes that pierce. This path is for those who have lived the darkness, who enter it willingly, know silence and dare, who fear not the nameless beings of a nightmares laughing glare. Fear not the cobwebbed ruins of broken stares, the potions of ancient grimoires and the power residing there. This is a path of reclamation to birth anew sacred rage and global devastation. This is the path of the Alchemist, the sovereign Witch, and love born of creative abso...

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