Mystic Writing

January 31, 2018

My studies of tantra and magick over the past couple of years have naturally led me to the mystical overlap that is sex magick. The reputation that is carried by this term in many ways does not do justice to the profundity of its true nature. The fusion of these innately powerful forces, sexuality and magick, do undoubtedly offer an abundance of opportunity to each and every one of us. Some say it is the most powerful kind of magick of all. However, my belief is that if not moved with responsibly, it can also yield a great depth of danger to the practitioner. The darker stories that echo from the past around this subject are really born of an unquenchable thirst for lust and power. This is why I believe that if these practices a...

January 26, 2018

Feb. 1st 

Imbolc is upon us as the wheel of the year spins once again, sounding the chimes of Springtime. This is Brigid’s day, the Celtic triple Goddess of poetry, healing and smith craft. She is a fertility Goddess of fiery inspiration, representing the coming of the new season and the fading away of the darkness and cold of winter.

It is a time that expresses the movement of duality, dark to light, hate to love, night to day, winter to spring. As the masculine and feminine, the God and Goddess reside within everything, always coming together again in their eternal union as one. We remember the profound truth that we cannot have one without the other. That two opposites exist within every whole. It is the growing rays of sunshin...

January 13, 2018

To be or not to be. To heal or be healed. To love or be loved.

Since the very beginning of the process of my spiritual awakening, like many of us, I have been on a deep journey of healing and resistance and healing and resistance and healing… My destiny has been such that I have always been given incredibly difficult lessons, literally wrestling with demons on a regular basis. My soul has chosen to learn in this way! I’ve had to go to the densest corners of the underworld to gain a glimpse of the most blissful heaven. My life has had its share of difficulty in many ways and for the majority of this journey I have believed that I was just one of those people that had to be healed. As I watched so many of my friends step firml...

January 7, 2018

Listen along my loves! <3 ^^^

The courier dropped off a package

That said 'You've bought your freedom'

A statement so bold that the wrapping burst open

He smiled at the teeth marks 

On the cardboard trim 

The ghost of a cackle sounded

Rippling below pale skin

This tight rope you have stepped upon

A journey to balance within

This path seldom tredded upon 

You've thrown yourself right in

The succulent saint brought to sin

And back again

The stamp has read

Your prayer costs only a thousand

But it costs nonetheless

Unless you settle for simplicity

And kneel by the side of your bed

This fork in the road, the serpents tongue

This labyrinth guarded by a few chosen ones

Make way ch...

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