Mystic Writing

November 28, 2017

My heart is now the bubbling spring, activated by the sensual touch of the divine caressing my feet. Surrounded by a pink glow, effervescent hues adorn my crown. The sparkle of new life encircles my womb, a birthing understood in truth only by the witness. Just as the great cobra sheds its skin, it rises erect in full-bodied empowerment, hooded with ferocious eyes, dancing seductively. The masculine and feminine smile with a passionate kiss. This is radiant unconditional love. This is the fire that transforms anger into determination, sadness into ecstasy, fear into excitement. I am enveloped in gratitude and joy at the blessing this experience has brought me.

It was a weekend unlike any other I have experienced. During a time of...

November 14, 2017

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I pressed the phallic shaped crystal against my third eye and as it pulsed, a translucent unicorn horn began to grow. It was spiralling outward to the center of the Universe, to God(dess).

I drew the crystal, pink speckled with rose petals, down further to my mouth. I grazed it’s point along each lip, visualizing the tip of your lingam, dripping divine nectar and painting my lips with magic.

I drew the crystal further down to the stream of soft, green light emanating from my heart center and let it bathe in clear, crystalline, unconditional love.

Draped in the robes of a Priestess, I sat in lotus with the c...

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