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Sequoia Starr is an ordained Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis, Author, Poet and Divine Feminine Empowerment Coach.

She is a Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner and facilitates ritual workshops on Earth Magick and Goddess Spirituality.

My journey onto the priestess path has been a long road of exploration and transformation, adventure, ups and downs, joys and pains and more than anything so much GROWTH.

I've been writing since I was eight years old. It has and always will be my art, my therapy, my invocation, a tool in awakening my inner oracle.

I spent five years soul searching in South America, studying Shamanism then going completely off grid then immersing myself in Temples and studying Ashtanga and Bhakti Yoga for what turned out to be a very significant period of my life.

I learned about the voices of the Amazon, of the Earth, of our great Mother. I learned about surrender, discipline and especially DEVOTION. I learned about selfless service. I also learned about the power of my senses to both create and destroy. 

Then I kept exploring. I moved on. I became more and more seduced by the MYSTERY.

I was introduced to TANTRA and began studying and awakening to a deeper understanding of sacred sexuality, true intimacy and the power of our creative life force energy, in being present in our senses. This transformed me.


I went to women's circles and began studying Goddess Spirituality. FEMININE EMPOWERMENT and SACRED SISTERHOOD opened me and I committed myself to the rise of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, to bringing ourselves and our planet back into BALANCE.


All of this built a strong foundation for me to become initiated into the world of MAGICK by what I now understand to be DESTINY. Through a series of experiences and teachers who came to me, I began to remember who I truly was, to remember my gifts and recall the memory in my Celtic blood. I began to feel nostalgia for a time beyond this life. I received visions and messages affirming I had arrived. I was deep in my practice and studying Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Druidry, Tarot and everything in between.


Eventually, I came by very synchronistic experiences, to receive my ordination as a Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis.

I began to understand what it meant to be EMBODIED, EMPOWERED and SOVEREIGN in my spirituality. I began to awaken my inner Oracle, to allow myself to be guided by what felt ENLIVENING. My life began to glow and prosper in a way it never had before. 

From all of this, The Witches Spiral was born, a space for weaving the sacred wisdom of the Goddess 

Mysteries, and helping women reclaim their magickal, sensual, sovereign selves.

Let's come together sisters, and dance The Witches Spiral.

~ Love Sequoia

Official Credentials

*Creative Writing at Capilano University

*Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Inbound Cusco

*Reiki Healer with Transense Healing Centre

*Graduate of Healers Academy at the Modern Mystery School

*Cobra Breath Initiate with Ipsalu Tantra

*Ordained Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis

What People Say...

Monica Gaillour

Sequoia has such an authentic and truly grounded approach to magic and her teachings, where she is so capable of connecting to other realms while staying so anchored in the present reality, right here, right now. I highly recommended working with Sequoia and be prepared to witness the powerful magic within you unfold!

Rebecca Springett

Sequoia is a compassionate, attuned and respectful guide. A session with her will help you tap into things you didnt know you knew, and give you a lot of powerful tools to work with to move your life and well being forward. Highly recommended.

Megan Faith

Sequoia has shown steadily increasing authority and dedication to the Craft and the passion of her life’s calling to share magical empowerment with her community. I highly recommend her experienced hand in leading ritual and ceremony and her tarot readings which are both based in her deep knowledge of the archetypal forces behind each card and supercharged with her keen intuitive abilities. 
My experiences with her have been powerful and nourishing, and the results both long lasting and fruitful

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